Balinese Sea Salts are produced by using the same traditional method as the Balinese farmers does from 700 years ago. Completely organic and natural combined with modern standard in packaging and hygiene.


You need not to worry about the quality of Laut Bali’s Balinese organic sea salt products since each of every salt types we produce has the same standard with the product we export to countries like Japan, Australia and European countries.


Aside from the unique taste and textures, every sea salt that we produce will also contain various health benefits which you may not find in a conventional salt. The natural combination of soil, spring and salt water in the coast of Kusamba and Tejakula – Bali produce a type of sea salt with properties of nutrient and minerals unique only to Laut Bali’s sea salt.


Whether you choose Pyramidion, Snow, Dice or Super Tejakula, we are committed to provide you with only the best organic sea salts quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding Laut Bali Sea Salts, Ordering or Shipping

The Making Of Balinese Sea Salt

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