Bali-Organic-Sea-Salt (1)

Laut Bali’s organic sea salts are a combination of traditional production methods used by Balinese salt farmers from 700 years ago combined with a modern hygienic packaging based on the standard we used to export the organic sea salts to Europe, Japan, Australia and America.

Contrast to regular store bought salt, Laut Bali’s organic sea salts has a distinct taste and texture unique only to the sea salts produced in Tejakula and Kusamba, Bali – Indonesia with the additional various health benefit that you may only find in an organic sea salt.

Here are the type of Laut Bali’s organic sea salt that we have:


Laut Bali Pyramidion

Laut Bali Dice

Laut Bali Snow

Laut Bali Super Tejakula