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The unique fine texture and distinct taste of Laut Bali’s Snow sea salt is gained by grinding the Tejakula sea salt and then soaking the salt under Tejakula’s spring water. Once finished, the now fine textured salt then  dried under the sun to get the perfect moisture.

We sell Laut Bali’s Snow sea salt in two type of packaging, a Rp. 19.500,-/100gr and Rp. 130.000,-/Kg

Here are the nutritional values of Laut Bali’s Snow sea salt (100gr)

  • Moisture: 1.60gr
  • Protein: 0.1gr
  • Mineral: 98.0gr
  • Energy: 2kcal
  • Calcium: 196mg

Please do let us know if you’re interested in purchasing Laut Bali’s Snow, a traditional Balinese organic sea salt combined with an international standard! We are also open to build a national/international wholesale partnership

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Laut Bali’s Snow Sea Salt

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