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What differs Laut Bali’s Super Tejakula Balinese organic sea salt with other sea salts is the processing method. Super Tejakula sea salt is made by a combination of a fresh unpolluted sea water with the mineral rich soil of Tejakula. This combination prove to provide us with a salt that has health benefits and a complex sensation when you taste it in your tongue.

We sell Laut Bali’s Super Tejakula sea salt in two type of packaging, a Rp. 14.500,-/100gr and a Rp. 90.000,-/Kg

Here are the nutritional values of Laut Bali’s Super Tejakula (100gr)

  • Moisture: 3.83gr
  • Protein: 0.1gr
  • Mineral: 94.0gr
  • Energy: 17kcal
  • Calcium: 845mg

Please do let us know if you’re interested in purchasing Laut Bali’s Super Tejakula, a traditional Balinese organic sea salt combined with an international standard! We are also open to build a national/international wholesale partnership.

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Laut Bali’s Super Tejakula Sea Salt

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