Laut Bali’s Balinese organic sea salt are made by using the same method salt farmers in Tejakula and Kusamba Bali – Indonesia used since 700 Years ago.


The process starts with pouring the mineral rich sea water to a nearby field where evaporation will left layers of salt above the soil.


Once the evaporation complete, farmers then took the layer of salt above the soil to be put on a hollowed coconut trunk to be dried out. Once dry, the farmers will bring to mix of salt to a glass house for second drying.


Duration and temperature during the glass house drying held a very important role on the quality of the salt crystal.


Once the ideal moisture is achieved then we will begin the sorting and packaging process so it will be ready to ship national or internationally.


As you may see, even though the making of organic sea salt took so much time and heavily influenced by weather we keep everything to be done naturally, preserving the method used by Balinese salt farmers since 700 Years ago without usingĀ  any chemical additive or heavy machinery to provide you with the purest organic sea salt.

Please do let us know if you wish to purchase Laut Bali’s Balinese organic sea salt, we are also open for wholesale partnership national or internationally for each of our products such as Super Tejakula, Pyramidion, Dice or Snow.

The Making of Laut Bali’s Balinese Organic Sea Salt

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